Artificial Grass Liquidators

SEO & Digital Advertising

Artificial Grass Liquidators came to us with fairly competitive SEO rankings, so we came up with a strategy to push some of their keywords higher on the first page of Google. We also targeted additional keywords that they were not ranking for on the first page of Google. Since taking over their SEO campaign, we have gone from 122 new users a day from organic traffic to 375 new users a day from organic traffic.

Along with SEO, we also brought their Facebook ads down from an average of $3.19 cost per click and 0.17% click through rate to $0.51 cost per click and 1.45% click through rate. This resulted in a higher amount of traffic and leads at a much lower cost.

AGL was also spending $28K a month in AdWords when they came to us and when we ran an audit we noticed their ROI was negative. We encouraged them not to do PPC campaigns and only do display ads (re-marketing) so we were able to bring their advertising cost down from $1.15 per click to only $0.38 per click.