Cascade Greenery

Corporate design inlusive of a logomark, visual identity, ecommerce website design, ecommerce logistics, photography, and video.

The project.

Cascade Greenery’s came to us needing everything from a visual identity to a website and even help setting up the logistics portion of their ecommerce store.

Visual Identity and Logomark

Cascade Greenery’s logo is a minimalist mark that works for both digital and print uses. The deep green color brings a level of sophistication and luxury while the leaf logomark combined with the lowercase typography allow the logo to still feel fresh and playful.

eCommerce Website

We built Cascade Greenery a custom website on WordPress using WooCommerce as their ecommerce platform for store, inventory, shipping, and logistics management.

Cascade Greenery

An artificial living wall is a timeless modern accent that’s easy to install anywhere in or outside your house.

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