US Turf

Digital Advertising

US Turf initially came to us wanting more leads for potential clients wanting to buy turf. When starting a new campaign, the cost per lead and click will typically be higher and over time as it gets optimized the numbers will gradually decrease.

During our first month, we did extensive research on their target demographic and were able to bring them 11 leads costing $127.25 per lead with a cost per click average of $0.83. According to Google these are phenomenal results but we did not want to settle for leads at this cost so we set a goal to get US Turf leads for even less money in the following month.

In the second month of advertising, we were able to get even better results because of all of the data that we collected from their first campaign. We brought 27 leads to US Turf, costing $105.06 per lead and a cost per click average of $1.18. The cost per click was slightly higher than the previous month, however, we were still able to decrease the cost per lead by about $22.

During the third month campaign we brought 29 leads to US Turf, costing $65.34 per lead with an average cost per click of $2.97. Again, the cost per click was higher than the previous month but the cost per lead went down by about $40.

In our current month (July 2019 at the time of writing) we have added on additional ad campaigns because of the amount of success that the ads were having. We have brought a total of 100 leads to US Turf, costing $49.45 per lead which is a decrease of roughly $16 per lead from the previous month. We are still not done fully optimizing these campaigns and these results will only get better over time.

When you compare the Facebook platform to Google there is no comparison because in our experience, Google’s cost per click is much higher and the cost per lead on average is about $196 or more!